What Defines My Library:

"The Images in this photo-library have been born out of my pursuit of capturing the near 'perfect' (almost impossible) photograph of a Cotswold church, Cornish beach or harbour, Cumbrian lake and Norfolk windmill. The images mirror my time spent criss-crossing Britain. I have visited many of the captured scenes more than a dozen times. I am, for example, forever drawn to the mystery of Wast Water in Cumbria, and Crow Point, in my native North Devon.  More recently, I have a passion for macro flower photography. Hence, my launch of a range of Greeting Cards titled: The Floral Art Collection. 


I do not wish to waste your time searching for images that I do not have. What I do have are images of: Beaches, the Coast, Lakes, Rivers, Nature in its many forms, architecture and churches...images of the most popular destinations in England and Wales.  My intent is to continue up-loading my archive and to expand my stock of Brtitish cities and Cathedral towns, and to shortly, invite a small band of photographers to join me. Those that can bring something new to the party, and those with a style in keeping with my own.


My Background:

I  was born in Somerset and educated at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire and in various places of learning in Austria and Germany. I have worked in the publishing industry for over thirty years, and for the last 25 years managed Goldeneye Guides, where my photography has featured in over 100 guidebooks, picture books, calendars and greeting cards leading most recently to the creation of this website, and a series of photographic books entitled: The Landscape of Britain. 


I first worked for William Collins (now Harper Collins) where I become a Creative Director in their paperback division, and was responsible for copywriting and commissioning photography for the advertising campaigns. A lucky, chance encounter, with the travel writer and soldier, Patrick Leigh Fermor, sparked a long-held ambition to undertake a long-distance walk. I set out to trek 4,000 miles across Europe (France-The Alps-Italy, to Greece) to follow ancient mule tracks, footpaths and pilgrim’s routes. I slept in barns, hay ricks and camped, sauvage. My journey took eleven months, to return on a bicycle via North Africa, Spain and France. The long days walking the beautiful trails, immersed in nature and with no distractions from my previous urban life (apart from what I was going do when I returned home!), gave birth to an interest in photography, as well as maps and travel guides. So, on my return I set up Goldeneye and have thus compiled the photography and editorial for the UK travel guides. I live with my wife Caroline and our four children in North Devon.


 My Style:

I am from the school of ‘natural photography’ and my intent or style has always been to try and represent the subject, be it a building or a field of sheep, in the best possible light, and from a perspective that you, the viewer, will recognise as you pass it by. I rarely use filters to change the image into something unrecognizable and, although I admire those photographers who can create a stunning image out of a dull reality, this has never been my aim. I believe photography, or rather the consistent capture of great photographic images to be a truly difficult task. It has taken me many years to reach my current level of professionalism and so I continue to doff my hat at the brilliance of some of my peers.”